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description of KEIRO-EIT 2

EIT 2 is an EDF-Trainer built up in wood. The fuselage can sustain harder landings because of its sturdy design. wings and elevator are perfectly protected by their big distance from the ground.

Compared to the older EIT we have made lots of detail-improvements for easyer build-up, for accomodation of bigger LiPo. Sheeting is precut. .

New: EIT 2 has the option to build in a simple, removable undercarriage for take of without bungee.

BUT: Very good behaviour in flight was conserved from older EIT

EIT 2 is prepared for installation of a fan of 69mm diameter (Wemotec Minifan or HET6904)

For easy access to fan and motor the lower part of the fuselage is removeable from wing backwards.

Building the EIT 2:
- Fuselage is easily built up directly on the plan.
- Air-ducts are vacuum-fomed and fit perfectly into the fuselage.
- Tail unit is built on the plan and completely covered with balsa-wood
- Wings are built up with ribs an fully covered with balsa-wood.

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preparing EIT


take off


technical data KEIRO-EIT2
wing span
1100 mm
43.3 inches
1100 mm
43.3 inches
LiPo 3S 3200mAh
LiPo 4S 3200mAh

1280 gr
1400 gr

45.8 ounces
49.3 ounces
EDF inner diameter
69 mm
2.71 inches
wing-profile (8% thickness)
HB 1006

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details of building

woodwork done

easy access

Drive-suggestions for KEIRO-EIT 2

EDF Wemotec Minifan:

HET 2W20 (my favorit) 4S LiPo approx. 3.2Ah LiPo. Best performance

Hacker B40-10S 3S LiPo approx. 3.2Ah LiPo. Good performance, standard-drive of our old EIT

und many others more !!!!

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Minifan 480

Content of kit of KEIRO-EIT 2

- all CNC-cut parts for fuselage, tail unit and wing (balsa and plywood)

- precut shet-material for fuselage, tail unit and wing (balsa)

- ledges for fuselage and wing (balsa and fir)

- vacuum-formed parts for front-air-duct. and EDF-cover. Transparent canopy. Fiberglass-thrust-tube

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building instructions of KEIRO-EIT 2

booklet with step by step instruction. Every step with picture, created of CAD-data.

plan for building up fuselage, tail unit and wing on it.

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in flight movies of KEIRO-EIT (movies of EIT 2 not available)

prices for KEIRO-EIT kits (2020.02.24)
prices ex Rothrist, Switzerland, no shipment, no duty and no foreign taxes
SFR. Euro
Item #: EIT2-10
148.- 142.-

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