KEIRO: Projects for future new kits:

I have personally seen the Roll-Out of the PILATUS PC-24 in Buochs on August 1st 2014. I knew that will be my next project:

Maiden flight: 2019.09.30

ready for a successfull maiden

Technical data of prototype:
scale 1 : 8
span 2140 mm
length overall
2090 mm
height 670 mm
span tail 855 mm
transportsize 2m x 0.5m x 0.5m (tail and wings removed)
5.72 kg (202oz)
wing NACA 63a412
EDF 2 x WeMoTec MiniFanEvo
otor 2 x Hacker E40s 2.5D
battery: 6S, 5750 mAh, 30C


autumn 2015: I finally find time to start designing the PC24 iwith 3D-CAD Inventor.

April 2016: Design is ready to manufacture all CNC-cut parts for my first prototype.

build-up of fuselage:

inner structure (poplar ply) center section (birch ply) rudder (poplar / balsa) sheeting (2mm balsa) sheeting (2mm balsa) sheeting (2mm balsa)


upper spar and ribs lower spar and leading edge sheeting (1.5mm Balsa)

tail surfaces:


Main gear:


final works:

CG - check Test: Does my PC-24 fit my new, small BEV? YES

After several EDF's back to a propeller-driven plane. Of course electrically driven and in wood.

My pattern is the Sonex- / Wayex-family an Experimental aircraft from USA. More information about original at Sonexaircraft

My goal is to build the hole family as modular as possible. Tail shall be exchangeable. Undercarriage in 2 or 3-point version.

I got 2D-CAD-drawings from Sonexaircraft which I could use to design my SONEX and WAIEX in 3D

SONEX mit 2-Bein-Fahrwerk SONEX mit 3-Bein-Fahrwerk

WAIEX mit 2-Bein-Fahrwerk WAIEX mit 3-Bein-Fahrwerk

CAD design is finished. First kit for a test builder can be delivered november 2012

Technical data of SONEX and WAIEX:
Span: 1.5m (= scale 1:4,5)
fuselagelength: 1.2m
weight: 3 kg (estimation from CAD-data with Hacker A40-12SV2 and 4-S-LiPo of 4000 mAh)
NACA 642415 (= originalprofil)

Fuselage mostly of poplarply. Wings and tail fully sheeted balsaribs


First time I tried 3D-printing for master pattern of canopx and mmotorhood, directly from my CAD-data with a Ultimaker-3D-printer

Interior quite scale wing:

WAIEX quite finished (April 13)

second prototype: SONEX as taildragger:

2013.6.8. Maiden of the WAIEX Thanks Thomas

Pictures before maiden, together with my almost finished SONEX:

3rd prototype WAIEX taildragger also finished

not always successfull

Waiex, Sonex and my old EIT2 ready for next flight

Short video of maiden of the 3rd prototype

Eclipse 400, semiscale, 1.6m Span for 90mm-EDF, retracts and flaps

Finally finished the CAD-design and decided to realize it

prototype is built in wood. All parts are CNC-milled

I will weekly update this page so come back to see more progress

1st. fuse half finished 2nd. too

Definitely decided to use a Jetfan 90 with motor Leopard LBP 3674-B-1650KV for 6S LiPo. Retracts will be elctric I think E-flite, 15-25-size will do it. Just finished CAD design of nacelle

nacelle in wood

V-tail in wood

Wing with retracts

Marriage of fuse-halfes

sanding, sanding... all parts together for first time

Cost me quite an effort to do this:

First time out of workshop:

Start finishing-works

thrust-tube of balsa, silk-reinforced, painted black: it fits:

Secound time out of workshop:

Ready for maiden:

MAIDEN 2012.07.26 pictures Marcel Hotz

thanks to Urs Rindisbacher for these 3 pictures

Video, taken by Kilian Disler at Electric-Meeting 2012 in Epinal (France)

october 2012: kit of Eclipse 400/1.6 is now available

Eclipse 400:
What a beautifully shaped Very Light Jet (VLJ) from USA !

I would like to design an EDF-version. Unfortunately, i could not yet get drawings from the manufacturer. Secrecy !!

Nevertheless I designed a CAD-model of the fuse, based on pictures and my imagination.

Anyone interested? please contact me

CAD-model build-up of a prototype

she flies !!

Video of the last flight at E-meeting in Epinal (F) 09.09.06

kit of Eclipse 400/1.2 is now available

Further development of our proven Electric Jet Trainer EIT

Enhanced performance, more space for LiPo, easier build-up, better Aerodynamic ...

CAD-model prototype under construction

optional undercarriage

All test have been finished successfully. The prototype is fired by 4S Lipo, WeMoTec MiniFan and a HET 2W20. Very powerfull! No problems with take off from grass on the optional undercarriage.

Serial produktion of the EIT 2 kits has started

KEIRO-ORPHEUS, slope glider:

Fuselage similar in design as the tow plane. Wood and carbontubes.
Span 2500 mm, Length 1280mm, Weight 1200 gr

Flügelrohbau beginnt

KEIRO-electric tow-plane:

Span: 1.8m

April 2007:
Second prototype
maiden march 15th 2007
First prototype
maiden april 17th 2007
both pilots are very satisfied of flight caracteristiques and power
crash of second proto due to failure of transmission

It has got a name:
and a plan will be available 2009.11. at


Blick in den Rumpf
Flügelrohbau beginnt testpilots and designer After-Crash-order

Pictures of prototypes under construction

Pictures of maiden of prototypes


Maiden flight of prototype 2005.08.10.
technical data of prototype:
Span: 1.55 m
Weight: 1.45 kg
Rohbau Rumpf Rohbau Rumpf Rohbau Rumpf und Flügel bald flugbereit bald flugbereit bald flugbereit
Elektrotreffen Huttwil 05, Foto: M. Müller Elektrotreffen Huttwil 05, Foto: M. Müller Elektrotreffen Huttwil 05, Foto: A.Schär Elektrotreffen Huttwil 05, Foto: A.Schär Elektrotreffen Huttwil 05, Foto: M. Müller Elektrotreffen Huttwil 05, Foto: A.Schär

Sorry: Development momentarily stopped

PSS-Venom with 1.6m span. Plan available through FMT-Bauplandienst no of order 3201230 erhältlich.
Maybe we will bring a kit for 90mm EDF. In the meentime we can deliver a set of all
CNC-cut parts for the PSS-Venom.